What You Need to Know About Google Testing 'highly Rated' Call Out

Are you wondering why some local businesses pop up at the top of your Google search with shiny stars and rave reviews? Whether you're a business owner trying to stand out or a customer hunting for the best service, those "highly rated" badges matter.

Google's got its eyes on these little gold stars too, experimenting with how they impact Local Services Ads. Imagine searching for a plumber and seeing only the cream of the crop highlighted right away—pretty helpful, right?.

Here’s a cool piece of info: Google is actually testing this idea by showcasing top-reviewed local services in special sponsored spots when we type our needs into their magical search box.

This blog will unfold what that may mean for folks like plumbers, cleaners, and all sorts of local heroes trying to catch our eye online. If grabbing attention in your neighborhood matters to you, stick around – this could change the game!

Key Takeaways

  • Google is testing a new "highly rated" badge on Local Services ads to see if it helps businesses look more trustworthy.
  • Ads with the badge show customer reviews, business hours, how long the company has been around, and other key info.
  • Depending on results from the experiment, Google may let all advertisers use this feature in their local ads.
  • Anthony Higman of Adsquire first spotted this test; Google confirmed they are experimenting with it.
  • Nicola Agius from Search Engine Land has extensive experience in journalism and pays close attention to digital marketing trends like these.

Google's Experiment: Testing The Impact Of 'Highly Rated' Call Out For Local Services Ads

Google is conducting an experiment to test the impact of displaying a sponsored box with top reviews for local services ads. This feature aims to improve ad rankings and boost the call-through rate for service providers.

Displaying sponsored box with top reviews

Google's latest experiment shines a spotlight on the local services ads that stand out. When you search for a local business, you might see these special sponsored listings at the top.

They're packed with useful info like thumbnail images of the service providers, their star ratings from customers, and how long they've been helping people like you.

Clicking on these ads is super easy—there's a big button to get in touch with them right away. You'll also see when they're open and where exactly they can serve you. It's all designed to help you pick the best service without having to dig around too much.

Features included in the ads

Local Services ads now show a "highly rated" badge to highlight top performers. These ads feature a small picture that helps customers see who they're dealing with. Customer reviews are front and center, showcasing the quality of service offered.

The ads also provide crucial details like business hours and how long the company has been serving the community.

They cover local service areas, ensuring users find help nearby. A prominent call button makes contacting businesses straightforward for quick service needs. This approach boosts visibility for sponsored listings on search engine results pages.

It's all about matching user queries with trustworthy options in online advertising, leading right into Google's Purpose of the Experiment.

Purpose of the experiment

Google wants to see if showing a "highly rated" badge on Local Services ads makes people trust those brands more. This could lead to more people knowing about these services and thinking better of them.

They are looking at how customers react to seeing top reviews right away.

The goal is to check if this online advertising feature helps businesses seem more trustworthy and credible without saying it directly. Google thinks that if users see high ratings, they might pick these services over others.

Ads that have the "highly rated" tag might get clicked on more often.

This experiment's findings may shape how future Local Services ads work. If successful, we could expect many ads to highlight their great reviews right off the bat.

Anthony Higman noticed something new in Google's Local Services ads, leading us into the next part of our discussion.

Potential future of the feature

Google's "highly rated" call-out feature is currently undergoing a pilot to assess its impact on consumer confidence and brand recognition. Depending on its performance, this feature might be extended to all advertisers in the future or discontinued altogether as part of Google's experimentation approach.

The new feature, discovered by Anthony Higman, CEO of Adsquire, has been confirmed by Google as an experiment with potential for wider adoption based on its test results.

The future potential of the "highly rated" call-out feature hinges on its performance evaluation during the pilot phase. If successful, it could significantly enhance trustworthiness in local services advertisements and offer an important competitive edge for businesses.

Google's Pilot and Confirmation

Anthony Higman discovered Google's experiment on testing the impact of 'highly rated' call out for local services ads, and Google confirmed the pilot. Want to know more about this innovative approach to local advertising? Keep reading!

Anthony Higman's discovery

Anthony Higman, CEO of Adsquire, first noticed the new "highly rated" feature for Local Services ads (LSA). This feature displays a sponsored box with top reviews and ratings, offering potential benefits to LSA advertisers.

Google's confirmation of this experiment suggests that it is in the testing phase and could potentially be extended to all advertisers based on its performance. Higman's discovery sheds light on an innovative development in online advertising that has the potential to enhance the visibility and reputation of local service providers.

Spotted by Anthony Higman, CEO of Adsquire, this new "highly rated" feature in Local Services ads (LSA) presents an exciting opportunity for advertisers. With Google confirming its experimental status, there is anticipation about how this feature could evolve and impact online advertising in the future.

Google's confirmation of the experiment

Following Anthony Higman's discovery, Google has confirmed that the "highly rated" feature for Local Services ads (LSA) is indeed an experiment. This means that the sponsored box showcasing LSAs with top reviews in specific verticals, displayed when users input a local business query into the search engine, is part of a deliberate test by Google.

Google's confirmation of the experiment suggests that if the feature performs well in terms of user engagement and advertising metrics, it may be extended to all advertisers in the future.

This indicates potential significant changes in how local businesses are able to showcase their services through online ads on Google.

About Nicola Agius

Nicola Agius is the Paid Media Editor of Search Engine Land with extensive experience in journalism, making her a credible source for insights on Google's local services advertising experiment.

To learn more about how this experiment could impact local businesses and service providers, keep reading!

Role as Paid Media Editor of Search Engine Land

Nicola Agius, the Paid Media Editor of Search Engine Land, oversees coverage of advertising, digital marketing, and ecommerce. With over 15 years of journalism experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her role.

Her expertise lies in content creation and devising effective marketing strategies within the advertising industry.

Agius's background encompasses various media outlets where she has honed her skills in media coverage and retail marketing. Her pivotal role involves staying abreast of trends in online media and leveraging her journalism experience to provide insightful and impactful content for readers interested in paid media and related topics.

Experience in journalism

Nicola Agius, a seasoned journalist with over 15 years of experience, has honed her expertise in the media industry through various investigative journalism roles at different news outlets.

Her impeccable communication skills and extensive writing experience have propelled her into the spotlight within the journalistic community. During her tenure as Paid Media Editor of Search Engine Land, Nicola has made significant contributions and garnered widespread press coverage for her editorial work.

With a firm grasp on the ever-evolving landscape of news reporting and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Nicola Agius continues to make waves in the media industry, driving forward with impactful storytelling and insightful journalism that captivates audiences worldwide.


In conclusion, the new \"highly rated\" feature for Local Services ads is a potential game changer for businesses. Implementing this strategy could lead to increased trust and brand reputation among local service providers.

Are you ready to take your local advertising to the next level with highly rated call-outs? Explore further reading on Google Ads and PPC to stay ahead in online advertising trends.

The impact of this experiment could revolutionize the way consumers discover and engage with local services online. It's time to seize this opportunity before it becomes mainstream!


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