Don't Use WordPress on YouTube Until You Know These 10 Things

Are you thinking about building a website or starting a blog? If WordPress has caught your eye, you're on the right path. It's no wonder - this content management system powers over 40% of all websites! But before diving into the vast ocean that is WordPress, there are essentials that can make or break your experience.

Don't worry if tech talk isn't your thing; we'll keep it straightforward.

One key fact to get us started: while both have 'WordPress' in their name, there’s a big difference between and Knowing this could save you loads of time and confusion down the line.

Our guide will walk you through everything from choosing the right platform to security measures that guard your site like a digital fortress. We’ve got practical tips to empower you without overwhelming jargon.

Ready for an easier web journey? Keep reading – we've got the roadmap just for you!

Key Takeaways

  • is for hosting and has less flexibility, while is free, open - source, and fully customizable.
  • Page builders like Divi and Elementor help design your site; security plugins like Wordfence protect it.
  • TrueName Domains have anti - phishing technology to keep you safe online; Dynadot offers a 50% off deal on these domains.
  • The WordPress community provides peer-to-peer support since there's no official help due to the platform's open-source nature.
  • Always back up your website. This keeps your content safe in case of technical problems or attacks.

WordPress. com vs WordPress. org is a WordPress host, not actually WordPress itself. On the other hand, is open-source and free to use, allowing it to be installed on any web host for more flexibility and customization options. is a WordPress host, not actually WordPress

Many people think is the same as WordPress itself, but it's not true. provides website hosting services and lets you build a blog or site using the WordPress framework.

Imagine it like renting a house that's already furnished; you just move in without worrying about the building blocks.

On the other hand, the team behind offers both versions. Think of them as architects who give away free house blueprints (WordPress software). You get to build anywhere you want and can change anything on your site.

But with this freedom, you also need to arrange for your own piece of land – that means finding a web hosting service where your website will live. is open-source and free to use

Unlike, which is a hosting service, offers the real deal. This means you can download and use the software for free. It's an open-source platform that gives you control over every aspect of your website.

You need a web host to install it on, but after that, it's all yours. No fees or subscriptions are required to keep using it. This freedom lets you build personal blogs, complex business sites, or even online stores without spending extra on the core software.

Using allows you to customize your site with thousands of themes and plugins. Since it's free and open-source software (FOSS), skilled developers from around the world constantly improve and update its features.

You have access to this vast community where everyone contributes towards making WordPress better for everyone.

Installing WordPress

When installing WordPress, remember to use instead of This content management system can be installed on any web host, giving you the freedom to customize your website as you see fit.

Use instead of

Choose for a truly customizable website experience. It's free and open-source, letting you tap into a world of flexibility and control. Install it on any web host to create your self-hosted website just the way you want.

Get full access to all the features and extend your site with themes and plugins.

Pick if you want freedom over your site design using page builders like Divi, Elementor, or WP Bakery. These powerful tools work great with, allowing for easy drag-and-drop layout designs.

Plus, handling your own security is straightforward—add a plugin like Wordfence to protect your content management system from threats.

Can be installed on any web host

After choosing over due to its open-source nature and free usability, the next step is installing it on any web host of your choice. This feature provides flexibility for users, allowing them to select a hosting provider that suits their website platform requirements.

With the freedom to choose any web server, users are empowered to take control of their web development and online publishing needs without being restricted by specific hosting providers.

This attribute makes a powerful content management system that is widely favored for website creation and management.

As an opensource software renowned for its user-friendly interface and extensive plugin options,'s ability to be installed on any web host further expands its appeal as a blogging software or content management system.

Page Builders and Security

When it comes to building your website on WordPress, you have the option of using third-party page builder plugins like Divi, Elementor, and WP Bakery. Additionally, don't forget to prioritize security with the Wordfence plugin for added protection.

Third-party page builder plugins like Divi, Elementor, and WP Bakery

Third-party page builder plugins such as Divi, Elementor, and WP Bakery offer advanced features for website building. These tools provide customization options, drag-and-drop functionality, and a variety of template options to enhance visual design and user interface.

They enable front-end editing, allowing users to create unique and professional-looking designs without extensive coding knowledge.

Divi, Elementor, and WP Bakery are essential for creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites with their advanced features and drag-and-drop functionality. These plugins go beyond the default Gutenberg page builder in WordPress by offering more advanced customization options, layout choices, user-friendly interfaces, and frontend editing capabilities.

Gutenberg is a page builder that comes with WordPress

When it comes to page builders for WordPress, Gutenberg stands out as the built-in option. It offers a user-friendly interface for content creation and editing, making website design and layout customization easier.

With Gutenberg, users can easily manage their website's content, create engaging layouts, and have full control over the design without needing third-party plugins.

Gutenberg provides various customization options and a seamless experience for website development. Its continuous updates by the WordPress community ensure that it stays current with evolving web design trends.

Security plugin is needed for WordPress

WordPress websites are vulnerable to cyberattacks, making a security plugin essential. This plugin acts as a virtual barrier against malware, hacking attempts, and potential data breaches.

Without it, your website is at risk of being compromised.

Installing the Wordfence security plugin can enhance the protection of your WordPress site. It provides features such as firewall, malware scanning, and real-time threat defense to safeguard against phishing attacks and unauthorized access.

Wordfence plugin for security

Protect your WordPress website with the essential Wordfence security plugin. It shields against malware, cyber threats, and vulnerabilities through its robust firewall and threat detection features.

With Wordfence, you gain website defense that actively safeguards your site from potential hacking attempts, ensuring comprehensive web security.

Safeguarding your website is critical in the online sphere where hackers target WordPress sites incessantly. The Wordfence plugin provides vital website protection by actively identifying and thwarting potential threats to maintain optimal cybersecurity.

TrueName Domains

TrueName Domains offer new domain options with anti-phishing technology, and you can get a special offer for 50% off standard TrueName domains from Dynadot. To learn more about this important aspect of website development, keep reading!

Importance of a domain name

A domain name is crucial for your website's visibility and relevance on the internet. It's like your online street address, making it easy for people to find you. TrueName Domains offer new domain options with anti-phishing technology, ensuring that your domain remains secure and uncompromised.

These domains are more specific and can have SEO benefits, helping you stand out in a crowded online space. With extensions tailored to various niches such as .studio for creators and .live for gamers, TrueName Domains provide an opportunity to create a unique and memorable web presence.

When choosing a domain name, consider its availability and how well it aligns with your website's purpose. A good domain not only reflects your brand but also boosts the overall security of your online presence.

TrueName Domains offer new domain options with anti-phishing technology

TrueName Domains provide innovative domain options fortified with anti-phishing technology, safeguarding users against online scams. These specialized domains offer more specific extensions, such as .studio for creators and .live for gamers, enhancing visibility and relevance in niche markets.

Additionally, TrueName Domains present SEO advantages while proactively preventing compromise.

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Special offer for 50% off standard TrueName domains from Dynadot

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WordPress Community Support

The WordPress community offers support through forums and help communities on the website. It's important to be active in the community and always have backups for your WordPress website.

No official WordPress support due to its open-source nature

WordPress being open-source means no official support is available. Users must seek help from the community forum. Volunteers provide peer-to-peer assistance, making it a user-generated collaborative platform with no guaranteed help.

The absence of official support due to its open-source nature makes finding assistance on WordPress challenging. Community forums offer collaborative and peer-to-peer support, but users must rely on volunteers for help without any guarantee of resolution or quality assistance.

Help community available on website

The website houses a vibrant help community ready to provide assistance and guidance. Users can seek support through the community forum where they may find advice from highly trained individuals.

Although there is no guaranteed help, users are encouraged to post their inquiries and tap into the knowledge of this supportive group.

WordPress Community Support on the website offers aid for those navigating issues with WordPress. The platform empowers users to connect with others facing similar challenges in using the open-source system.

Importance of backups for WordPress websites

The community can provide valuable guidance, but when it comes to the importance of backups for WordPress websites, taking proactive steps is crucial. Website security and data protection are top priorities, making backup solutions essential.

Ensure website reliability by implementing regular data recovery plans and minimizing website downtime due to cyber threats or crashes. With online support available through various plugins and services, maintaining a secure and well-protected WordPress site becomes achievable.

Implementing backup solutions for your WordPress website means being prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. By prioritizing cybersecurity and website maintenance, you can safeguard your data against potential risks effectively.


In conclusion, before using WordPress, understand the differences between and Use third-party page builder plugins for efficient website building. Significantly, prioritize website security with a recommended plugin like Wordfence.

Emphasize the importance of TrueName Domains in establishing an online presence and take advantage of special offers for domain registration. Finally, remember to back up your WordPress website regularly with reliable web hosts such as DreamHost and Cloudways.